Fight Fear PAC launches Website to Raise Awareness

Jan 24, 2022

The Fight Fear PAC launched their website today. This team of Arkansas public servants are dedicated to honesty, integrity, empathy, respect, and determination. Their motto is Every citizen should know the truth when exercising their right to vote.

"Fight Fear PAC is filled with glorious purpose," says PAC President, Caroline Sykes.

The group intends to produce multi-media advertising with the purpose of highlighting and uncovering the lies currently perpetrated by Arkansas political leadership. Their purpose is to inform fellow Arkansans with indisputable facts thereby creating a more informed electorate.

Meet Bob the Bulldog

Bob the Bulldog is a great metaphor for basic decency. Would you deny a dog water when he is outside? Food if he gets hungry? An educated and informed electorate will vote in legislators who will serve their best interests. Fight Fear PAC will fight against the lies and liars that promote them.

Join us

Denise Chai, co-founding Arkansas native says, "To create captivating and informative content about politics will have its own challenges. We will need as many donations of time and money as we can get."

Fight Fear PAC is calling for volunteers of time and donations of money to help inform our fellow citizens with the facts. Help us today.

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