A Grassroots Arkansas-Based Super PAC Launches Today

Jan 24, 2022

For Immediate Release:

A Grassroots Arkansas-Based Super PAC Launches Today

Our political action committee has a unique mascot, Bob the Bulldog. Bob is based on a tough, tenacious and loyal bulldog belonging to one of the original PAC members. He’s the relentless watchdog for our mission, Arkansas’s Watchdog. He will appear in social media posts, videos and merchandise to raise awareness and funding.

Bob’s Job?

On January 6th, 2021 we witnessed our system of representative democracy come under assault due to disinformation and hypocrisy perpetuated by those who use fear as their political weapon. It’s easy for candidates to stoke fear, it’s hard to win on ideas and solutions. We cannot allow them to control our votes with fear.

What is at stake here is truth. Truth over lies and right over wrong. The Fight Fear PAC aims to restore a sense of community in our state. We are going local! The Arkansas political figures who choose to employ the tactic of lies and hypocrisy to advance their agenda and damage our community must be called out. We are confident our educational efforts will result in a better future for business, arts, society and confidence in our state.

Our Mission

To defend truth and our democracy. To promote empathy and community. Our motto? Every citizen should know the truth when exercising their sacred right to vote. We are devoted Arkansans who will not engage in nasty attacks. We will fight back by highlighting the lies and hypocrisy while promoting empathy and community. Our message of honesty and transparency will remain fact-based and we will make our online bulletins easily available to the public.

We will produce social media posts focused on calling out key public officials and candidates who use disinformation as their weapon to control public opinion. To do this in a fun, snarky, attention-getting way, we have Bob The Bulldog.

Bob defends the truth!

For more information please contact:

Caroline Sykes


(501) 551-5255

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