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About Fight Fear!

As we witnessed on January 6th, our system of representative democracy is under assault from the fear-based lies and hypocrisy perpetuated by those who wish to restrict our constitutional rights.

What is at stake is truth over lies, right over wrong and democracy over authoritarianism.

Those of us on the side of truth and democracy must fight back, locally. No organization exists in Arkansas with the same vision. The Fight Fear PAC aims to push back, over and over, in and out of election years to restore a sense of community. The Arkansas political figures who choose to employ the tactic of lies and hypocrisy to advance their agenda and damage our community must be called out. This is a democracy in danger.

The Arkansas state legislature affects redistricting, allocates state tax dollars and embeds their perspectives in the legal framework. We are confident our educational efforts will result in a better future for business, arts, society and confidence in our state. Our mission is to defend truth and our democracy. To promote empathy and community.

But we need your help. Sign up to Get Involved or make a Donation today!

Ethics and Core Values

We are devoted public servants who will not distort the truth nor engage in nasty attacks. But we will fight back by highlighting the lies and hypocrisy while promoting empathy and community. Honesty and Transparency: Our message will remain fact-based and we will make our citations easily available to the public on our website.

What We Will Do

We will produce unbiased and clear information focused on calling out key public officials and candidates in Arkansas who use disinformation as a weapon to control public opinion. To do this in a fun, snarky and attention-getting way, we have Bob, the bulldog. Bob belongs to one of our founders and is the perfect ambassador for our mission. Bob defends the truth.

What is next?

Our project needs financial backing as well as organizational support. We aspire to be in the best position to launch our vision, which will protect our common interest of defeating an authoritarian agenda by defending the truth and our democracy. Doing nothing is not an option.

Your donations of time or money will help us become operational in time for the next election cycle. Thank you for your support!


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